What’s In A Name?

By: Rob Harris

We tracked over the years Robert Jesurum’s ultimately successful crusade to restore the public’s access to Sanders Point, a spit of waterfront land that forms the boundary for New Hampshire’s Wentworth By The Sea Country Club. Previous posts can be found here and here and here.

Most recently, in late 2016, the New Hampshire Supreme Court determined that years of access had created a prescriptive easement that enabled the public to access the property.

With the right of access established, the club owners now are balking at restoring on the property a “Sanders Point” sign on the property. The trial judge has entered a preliminary order requiring the reinstallation of the sign, and the club has submitted an objection, asking the court, in its final order, to eliminate the requirement.

In its court submission, the club has argued that, “while the Wentworth honors the public prescriptive easement, it maintains the right to determine the name and character of its property, and the public should not be allowed to infringe on that right by determining what marker, sign, or label the Wentworth must maintain on the site.”


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