Club Member Sues For Slander; Club Asserts Member’s Obnoxious Conduct Warranted Expulsion

By: Rob Harris

According to a published report, North Dakota’s Oxbow Country Club and others have been sued for slander by real estate agent Aaron Greterman. As reported,

“Greterman filed a lawsuit against Oxbow in January, saying members and members of the club’s board falsely accused him of ‘rampant use of cocaine’ during a tournament last summer. Greterman said he was told he was banned from the club because of his alleged drug use. Court papers claim the allegations spread throughout the Fargo-Moorhead area, reaching among others his boss and clients, causing a loss of business.”

Unsurprisingly, the club paints a different picture, according to the report:

“Court documents call Greterman’s claims unfounded and say he was barred from the club because he acted ‘very obnoxiously, improperly and inappropriately’ at the club’s annual member-guest tournament in June.”

David Campbell, Greterman’s playing partner in the event, reportedly quit Campbell says he quit before the first round was completed and opted not to show for day no. 2 “because he was tired of dealing with Greterman’s ‘obnoxious conduct.”’

Oxbow board members have asserted that Greterman’s conduct included “insulting other men’s wives at social functions during the event and saying to ‘many married women, words to the effect of, “what are you doing with this loser?”’”

They also have claimed that “Greterman wanted to arm, wrist and leg wrestle with many people at social events,” and that his behavior made his wife “shamed and embarrassed.”

Greterman also is accused of “charging excessive amounts of alcohol and other items on Campbell’s tab during both days of the event,” and that his gambling losses during the event were so substantial that “he practically begged an Oxbow member to lend him $7,000 to pay off his debt.”

The report can be found here.



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