Lawsuit Alleges Tee Time Made For Deceased Individual As Part Of A Cover Up

By: Rob Harris

The parents of Graham McCormick have filed suit against Rand Hooper arising out of a Virginia boat accident that resulted in Mr. McCormick’s death. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Hooper was operating the boat and that Mr. Hooper engaged in a cover up to hide the accident.

The complaint alleges that the accident followed a night of drinking that began on the evening of August 10, which led to the fateful boat trip shortly after midnight.

So, what does this unfortunate incident have to do with golf?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch explains:

“The McCormick lawsuit also says Hooper called a local golf club Aug. 11 to arrange a tee time for a group that included Graham McCormick. Hooper did that, the McCormick parents alleged, while knowing that his friend had likely died. In his written response, Hooper acknowledged calling to arrange the tee time, but he denied that he did so knowing his friend was anywhere else other than in a bed at the home.”




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