Green Jackets Come Home To Mama, At Least For Now

By: Rob Harris

We discussed the other day the lawsuit brought by Green Jacket Auctions, Inc. against Augusta National over the right to use “green Jacket” in its website domain name.

This action, pending in Florida, is only one of the pending federal lawsuits between these parties. Since last August, a federal court in Georgia has been the location for claims brought by Augusta National against the auction company seeking to (re)claim rights to three green jackets and other memorabilia that the company wants to sell. (Our previous discussion of the dispute can be found here.)

One of the issues for the court is who gets to maintain control of the goodies pending the conclusion of the lawsuit. Augusta National requested the court to permit it to take custody. Last week, the court obliged, entering an order granting the club’s request and directing it to safeguard the contested items.

The court made clear that no one should draw conclusions about how the case will ultimately be decided:

“…The parties shall not construe the release and transfer of these items as anything other than an alteration of its previous preservation order. The court has not yet made any determinations regarding the disputed issues in this case,”


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