Showdown At The Oak Hills Park Golf Course

By: Rob Harris

Norwalk, Connecticut’s munipally owned Oak Hills Park Golf Course  was the site last week of a standoff between the current operators of the course’s restaurant and the city officials seeking to show the space to prospective new operators.  As reported in the Norwalk Hour,

“The Oak Hills Park Authority faced pushback Thursday morning when trying to show the golf course restaurant to potential new operators.

“Golf Course Superintendent Jim Schell turned the key and unlocked the door, but found equally sizable Vincent LaForte, chef at Oaks Hills Restaurant on the Green, holding the door closed when he tried to enter.

“‘We asked to have him open the door,’ said Randall Avery, attorney for the OHPA. ‘He didn’t open the door so we unlocked it and as Jim tried to open it, he (Vincent) was holding it from the other end. We don’t intend to get into a physical altercation here.'”

The current operators apparently are of the view that the city has been insufficiently respectful of their rights and investment in the facility. As reported, their foremost concern is “the … plan to demolish the golf course’s pro shop and rebuild it within part of the restaurant building.”

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