Fatal Golf Cart Accident Leads To Lawsuit Against Multiple Parties

By: Rob Harris

Brandi Shaffer’s article in Club & Resort Business does a very nice job of summarizing the lawsuit brought by the family of a woman who was fatally injured when a golf cart she was driving was struck by a hit and run driver as she traversed a public street that crossed the golf course.

The lawsuit names a host of defendants, who will have varying degrees of exposure. Near the top of the list is the the club, California’s Royal Vista Golf Club. Allegedly, there was a history of fatal accidents involving Royal Vista golfers at the same or nearby locations, with the claim being made that the club should have provided a bridge or tunnel as a safer alternative.

The complaint also names as a defendant Los Angeles County, based upon the assertion that the 45 mile per hour speed limit was excessive and that there were insufficient warnings given to drivers that golfers crossed regularly.

The weakest claim, I suspect, is the one brought against Textron, the manufacturer of the cart. The lawsuit alleges that the cart did not include seat belts or other restraints to prevent the golfer from being ejected.

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