Golf Clubs Confront Issue Of How Much Alcohol Is Too Much

By: Rob Harris

In July, we wrote about the Gonzalez v. Stoneybrook West Golf Club decision that had just been issued by a Florida appellate court, holding that a jury would need to decide whether a club should be held liable for providing excessive alcohol to a member who, after driving away, collided with another vehicle, killing its driver.

Glenn Gerena, an attorney with Greenberg Traurig, has since written an article about the decision, in which he articulates the ongoing challenge faced by golf clubs and the operation of their 19th hole: “The case illustrates the challenges a club faces in dealing with a member who drinks alcohol excessively on a regular basis. The mere fact that the member drank excessively created a factual question as to whether the club knew that the member was habitually addicted to alcohol.”


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