So It Begins

By:  Rob Harris

In three years, plus or minus, there likely will be settlement of claims by a young man arising out of injuries received in July 2011, when, as a 17 year old employee of  Washington State’s Golf Club at Newcastle, he rolled a golf cart down an eight foot embankment.

According to news reports, the young man was trapped underneath the cart, losing consciousness briefly, suffering injuries whose magnitude is unknown.

The dispute will involve assertions by the club that the claims are covered by workman’s compensation. In order to escape the statutory limits, the attorney for the employee will explore claims against other allegedly responsible parties, perhaps the golf cart manufacturer, the contractor who installed the stairs or embankment that reportedly caused the cart to roll and/or others.  The defendants will argue that the employee was negligent or reckless in the way he was handling the cart.

After fighting about the scope of claims, conducting discovery to ascertain what caused the accident to occur, and establishing the full extent and any permanence of the injuries, the parties likely will reach a settlement agreement.  Based on whether there is a confidentiality agreement, the resolution of the dispute and its amount may be published in the Bellevue Reporter, the publication that brought us news of the accident.

For now, we wish a speedy recovery to the young man, whose identity was not disclosed.

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