Want To Buy A New Car…Cause You Didn’t Win It

Put yourself in the shoes of Paul Verdecchia. You are in the midst of the Pinehurst golf mecca. You are playing in the Emil Froehlich Memorial Golf Tournament, sponsored by the Southern Pines Elks Lodge. You step up to the 14th tee, a par three. You calculate the distance–172 yards. You think about the brand spanking new Nissan Altima on display by the putting green, put there by Pinehurst Nissan. You take a four iron.  Bang….first hole-in-one ever. You know you’re buying drinks for everyone, but figure that’s a small price to pay for the new wheels you’ve just one. You go so far as to have your picture taken by the car.  Not so fast Paul.

The car dealer claims the car wasn’t a prize, but was rather on display just for advertising purposes.  The Elks say of course it was a prize.  Paul sues the Elks, the Elks sue the dealer, the dealer sells the car to a third party.

Somewhere short of trial, the case settles.  No one is talking about the precise terms, but the joint statement says that the Elks and the dealer have jointly agreed to compensate Mr. Verdecchia for his hole-in-one.  Meanwhile, for those interested, the 2011 Emil Froehlich Memorial Golf Tournament takes place on June 18, 2011. Don’t forget your driver’s license.

And today’s bonus question….. who was Emil Froelich?

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